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Our Guests – ESHR 2013

We are proud to announce our remarkable guests:


  • Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers is an American scientist and associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota Morris, founder and co-author of the Pharyngula science blog, hosted on both the Science Blogs and Freethought Blogs networks. He is an outspoken critic of intelligent design and the creationist movement. More about PZ Myers:


  • Richard Wiseman holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, where he researches an eclectic range of topics including luck, self-help, illusion and persuasion. This work has been published in the world’s leading academic journals and cited in over 20 introductory textbooks. More about Richard Wiseman


  • Boris van der Ham is a writer, actor, humanist and former Dutch politician. A former Member of the Dutch Lower House for over ten years, Mr. Van der Ham wrote two books and is a well-regarded speaker in The Netherlands as well as internationally. Currently Mr. Van der Ham serves at the chairman of the Dutch Humanist Society. More about Boris van der Ham:


  • Andrew Copson is the chief executive for the British Humanist Association (BHA). Vefore that, he was the director of education and public affairs, coordinating the BHA’s education work promoting understanding of Humanism as a non-religious worldview in schools, colleges, and to the public generally. He also coordinated the BHA’s campaigns for a secular state, for an end to religious privilege and discrimination based on religion or belief and for a rational humanist perspective on public ethical issues. More about Andrew Copson:


  • Pierre Galand – president of the European Humanist Federation


  • Sonja Eggerickx – president of the International Humanist and Ethical Union


  • Oleg Brega is a journalist, activist and filmmaker from Chişinău, the Republic of Moldova. He has been the president of the Moldovan public activism group Hyde Park since 2003. Oleg Brega hosts the show “Inamicul Public” (The public enemy), on Jurnal TV. His group Hyde Park, founded in 2003 after his radio show of the same name was shut down, helped organise 2009 Moldova civil unrest. More about Oleg Brega:


  • Catherine Le Fur  is a member of the International Committee of the French Freethinkers Federation and of the Editorial Board of “La Raison”.



  • Jean-Marc Schiappa (member of the National Committee of the French Freethinkers Federation and President of its Historical Research Institute (IRELP)


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