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Comunicat de presă – ESHR 2013

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Asociația Umanistă Română vă invită la conferința umanistă „Education, Science and Human Rights” Asociația Umanistă Română, în parteneriat cu International Humanist and Ethical Union (Uniunea Umanistă și Etică Internațională) și European Humanist Federation (Federația Umanistă Europeană), anunță conferința umanistă „Education, Science and Human Rights”, ce va avea loc la București, la Palatul Parlamentului, în sala „C. A. Rosetti”, pe data de 25 mai 2013, ora 10:00. Pentru prima oară în România și în estul Europei, reprezentanții celor mai importante organizații umaniste din lume se adună la București pentru a celebra umanismul. Conferința „Education, Science and Human Rights” este dedicată tuturor celor interesați de tratarea unor subiecte aproape tabu în România, precum religia în școli, drepturile omului, biserică și secularism, știință și educație, drepturile persoanelor LGBT, alături de invitați prestigioși la nivel internațional. Astfel, publicul interesat este invitat să asiste...

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Agenda – ESHR 2013

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The conference will start at 10:00 AM and we will be together until 16:00. There will be a lunch break between 13:00-14:00 and a coffee break. Thank you very much!...

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Our Guests – ESHR 2013

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We are proud to announce our remarkable guests: Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers is an American scientist and associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota Morris, founder and co-author of the Pharyngula science blog, hosted on both the Science Blogs and Freethought Blogs networks. He is an outspoken critic of intelligent design and the creationist movement. More about PZ Myers: Richard Wiseman holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, where he researches an eclectic range of topics including luck, self-help, illusion and persuasion. This work has been published in the world’s leading academic journals and cited in over 20 introductory textbooks. More about Richard Wiseman: Boris van der Ham is a writer, actor, humanist and former Dutch politician. A former Member of the Dutch Lower House for over ten years, Mr. Van der Ham wrote two books and is a well-regarded speaker in The Netherlands as well as internationally....

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A place to walk: Bucharest’s parks

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The city of Bucharest was first mentioned in 1459 and became the capital of Romania in 1862. Bucharest is situated on the banks of the Dâmbovița River, which flows into the Argeș River, a tributary of the Danube. Several lakes – the most important of which are Lake Herăstrău, Lake Floreasca, Lake Tei, and Lake Colentina – stretch across the northern parts of the city, along the Colentina River, a tributary of the Dâmbovița. In addition, in the centre of the capital there is a small artificial lake – Lake Cișmigiu – surrounded by the Cișmigiu Gardens. The Cișmigiu Gardens have a rich history, being frequented by poets and writers. Opened in 1847 and based on the plans of German architect Carl F.W. Meyer, the gardens are the main recreational facility in the city centre. Besides Cișmigiu, Bucharest contains other parks and gardens, including the Herăstrău Park and the Botanical Garden. The park is...

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